Sun – Wind – Strength: Bike Add-On Creates Power

For those of us who are interested in distance travel without fossil fuels, but can’t do without our cellphones, iPods and laptops, designer Paul Smith has put together the Navitas.

The Navitas can charge it’s on-board, 24-volt battery in three different ways: Strength, Sun and Wind. The device, which I imagine doubles as extra storage space as well, uses the attached rear wheel to charge the battery when the bike is moving. Then, once stopped, the Navitas can be snapped off the bike and the rear wheel becomes a wind turbine, while a square foot of solar panels pops out for good measure.

It’s good to see someone thinking about these kinds of things, but it won’t be all that useful until there are a lot more distance bike travelers on the road.

Via Gizmodo and Bicycle Design

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