Solar-Powered Motorbike Hides in its Own Shell

Aside from being fairly ugly and entirely imaginary, SunRed’s new snail-shell-based solar bike is completely awesome.

All the other blog posts I’ve read about this are reporting that the snail-shell covering will stow away during transport…but that’s not entirely accurate. Obviously, the nose panel (which contains the light and rear-view mirror) will remain in place, while the three back panels will fold away. Thus, the bike will still pull some charge while traveling.

Even though the bike has way more surface area than any other solar motorbike ever will ever again, it still doesn’t pull enough juice to be very useful. A full charge will only get you 13 miles at 30 mph.

Nonetheless, it’s an interesting design and I’m looking forward to seeing the real-life prototype from Sun Red soon.

Via AutoBlogGreen

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