Shanghai Auto Show: LIVE shots of the Chery Shooting Sport

Our colleagues at Autoblog Chinese have just provided us with our first live look of the Chery Shooting Sport concept, which is one of more than a few cars at the Shanghai Auto Show this year that proves Chinese design is evolving.

The three-door hatch does have a Prius-esqe front end, as we noted earlier, though it’s more inspired by the Toyota hybrid’s design than outright aping it. Otherwise, the design of the Shooting Sport is an exercise in restraint compared to many concept designs we’ve seen come out of China in the past few years. We particularly like the car’s very tidy rear end, which locates the stop lamps up and to the side of the hatch glass. This leaves the sheetmetal below smooth and free of interruptions, much like the back end of the soon-to-be-cancelled Ford Focus ZX3 hatchback.

This is also our first glimpse of the Shooting Sport concept’s interior. While we’re no fans of the pea green accenting, the overal design is simple and appears to have a lot of production potential. The concept car’s white leather interior, however, will likely never the see light of a showroom.

It’s extremely important at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show that Chinese automakers prove they can design vehicles that appeal to the aesthetic taste of the European and North American markets. The Shooting Star is one such vehicle, and a trip through the gallery should be proof enough for anyone.