Paris Hilton running a Spyker C8 Spyder in Bullrun

paris-hilton.jpgAs if there hasn’t been enough Paris Hilton in our lives, now she’s going to be competing in this year’s Bullrun behind the wheel of a Spyker C8 Spyder. Bullrun, an eight-day rally and traveling fiesta,, will be running from Montreal to Key West starting on May 11. Paris was part of the 2004 rally (which, of course, she did not win) so she does have some experience with how the competition works.

To get her to appear, the Bullrun organizers gave the hotel heiress the gorgeous Spyker in which she’ll compete. TMZ snagged some amusing video of the socialite with her exotic ragtop, in which she starts off in the driver’s seat, then says “I don’t know how to drive a stick” as she climbs into shotgun. Then, when someone else gets in to drive, the brainy beauty exclaims, “Don’t hit my car!” as she looks back at her… Saab? We know Paris is a looker, but the C8, with its unique appearance and spectacular engine note, completely steals the show here.

[Source: TMZ]