Making You Safer: A Look At The Mercedes SLR McLaren Roadster’s Carbon Fiber Construction

For some of you, the decision as to whether or not the new Mercedes SLR McLaren is worth ponying up the roughly half-a-million or so it takes to get behind its ergonomic sport steering wheel is a difficult one. It’s without quesion a vehicle of immense beauty, but then again, $500,000 affords you plenty of things which are immensely beautiful. So the question lingers: why should you purchase the Mercedes SLR McLaren Roadster? If Mercedes’ newest press release is to be believed, the answer to that question my dear friends, is safety. Thanks to its F1-style carbon-fiber monocoque construction, in the event of a head-on, side-on or rear-end collision, its occupants enjoy ‘a very rigid and hence securely protected space…’