LED ‘Fluorescent’ Tubes

A lot of us have been waiting to see LED lamps in homes and offices. Good news! EverLED now
has LED replacements for fluorescent tubes. These connect directly into
the lamp, and require no retrofitting of the ballast or the fixture.

"The EverLED TR is a direct, “drop-in” replacement for standard
fluorescent light tubes. It is compatible with virtually every standard,
ballast equipped fluorescent light fixture, without any need for

These are currently available as standard 4′ size tubes in 5 different
color temperatures. The distributor advertises these as having a 10 year
typical lifespan and 20% energy use reduction versus standard fluorescent
tubes. They also note that there is no mercury or lead in these
replacements, and that they do not have a breakage hazard as do standard
glass tubes.

The $150 price tag will probably keep the rush to a minimum…but if my calculations are correct, they’ll pay for themselves easily over the life of the bulb.

via: hugg and Gizmag

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