Leather is the Key for Bentley owners

bentley-keycase.jpgFor customers accustomed to driving a Bentley, everything’s got to be leather-lined. Heaven forbid one should actually have to handle a cold metal key, even one as nice as that put out by the boys at Crewe. Fortunately for the pampered motorist, London leathercrafter Ettinger has come to the rescue with a specially-fabricated key case.

 The soft leather sleeve fits snuggly around a Bentley key allowing for its owner to use it normally. The case features the Bentley logo embossed into the leather and a circular B button on an extended tab.

Ettinger offers a range of leather wallets in partnership with Bentley that are available directly from the dealership. Like any other automotive branded product, you don’t have to own the car to buy the item, but you would look rather silly starting your Jetta with a leather Bentley key. [Source: Ettinger]