INKAS Introduces The Armored Mercedes S600 Powered By RENNtech

For many of us, especially here in the U.S., the necessity of owning an armored vehicle isn’t that overwhelming. Sure, there’s the occasional confrontational prick that feels the urge to wrong us, but let’s be honest: in these instances, the trusty Glock we’ve got tucked neatly under the seat is more than enough to handle the bulk of these situations. But what happens when you’ve reached the upper echelon… the highest ranks of power, whether it be your political status, corporate ranking, so on and so forth? For this group: the ambitious, the powerful, and oftentimes, the hated, threats are prevalent in day-to-day life, even in the United States. Enter INKAS Armored. Catering to those who need more protection than the G20 can provide, INKAS has introduced a vehicle which manages to blend NIJ Level IV armoring with the pinnacle of German luxury engineering – the Mercedes S600. Boasting fun-flat performance tires, proprietary armored panels and ballistic glass compounds, the INKAS S600 is capable of withstanding up to close-range armor-piercing rounds all while maintaining what appears to be the standard S600’s exterior styling.