Infiniti giving free rides in NYC

g35rear.jpgThis weekend, if your Christmas shopping exploits bring you to the WIRED Magazine store in SoHo, be advised that you might be able to snag a lift to your next destination in one of Infiniti’s new G35 sedans. It’s all part of a perfect marketing storm created when corporate synergies and Thanksgiving weekend shopping plans collide. The resultant Category 5 promo campaign is called “WIRED Wheels.”

You see, if you make a purchase at the WIRED store, you’ll be given the chance to be whisked to the next stop on your list in a Bluetooth-enabled G35. During your ride, you’ll be encouraged to try out the AskMeNow mobile Q&A service on one of Motorola’s new KRZR phones from Sprint. The ultimate goal, short of getting you to immediately go out and buy a new G35 and Sprint phone, is to get you to click on the ads served up with the AskMeNow service’s answers. From there, you can formally opt into a promo so that Infiniti can market to you directly.


We’re guessing that for most of the people taking part in the “WIRED Wheels” program, everything stated to them after the words “free ride” will be white noise, and they’ll use their own phones to gab with friends as the Infiniti delivers them to their next shopping destination. [Infiniti, Sprint and AskMeNow]