Google Public Transit is Amazing

Oh Google, how you amuse me. This isn’t much use in my tiny town, but for those big-city dwellers out there, your mass-transit life just got much easier. Just go to and type in your location and destination, and Google will tell you how to get to your location using mass transit. Google even works out walking times to bus stations and subway stops.

You’ll get a brief overview of your trip, along with cute little arrows indicating where you have to walk to. Plus, Google will tell you exactly how much your trip will cost you for bus / subway fairs, compare that with how much it would cost to drive your own car at current gas prices!

If that’s not cool enough, it’ll even give you several different routes to choose from, including what time you should leave your house to get to the bus-stop on time. MARVELOUS!

Now, if it was just available in more cities…we could really give Google a gold star.

Via AutoBlogGreen