Geneva Debut for Audi A5 set

nuvolari.jpgAudi will introduce its new A5 coupe the Geneva Motor Show according to the UK’s Autocar. Quoting an unnamed “senior company source,” We’ve been following the progress of the A5 for some time now, and we’re ready to see the finished product, which is likely to bear a more-than-passing resemblance to the automaker’s 2003 Nuvolari concept (shown above).

A Geneva debut makes sense, based on what we learned from an October Popular Mechanics report that stated the car will be available in Europe this spring. Look for the car to arrive with Audi’s 4.2L V8, six-speed manual and automatic transmissions, as well as a DSG. The other new news Autocar reports is that the A5 chassis will be tunable to deliver essentially any kind of handling characteristic the mission calls for. For example, the standard cars could be designed to understeer or be neutral-handling machines, while possible sport variants (think S or RS) could be more willing to oversteer than in the past — it all depends on what Audi determines its customer base is looking for. This enhanced level of flexibility will trickle down to the rest of the model range over time as the other cars adopt the new platform.

Obviously, we’re looking forward to seeing what the finished product officially has to offer. Geneva’s not that far off. [Autocar via The German Car Blog]