For the Audi Enthusiast…

I received this email from Audi today….

We have just unveiled our new Audi web sites. You’ll experience a more robust, information-rich and engaging and In addition, you will find all of the latest 2007 model information from our exciting product line-up.

As part of our web site updates, we have temporarily removed the MyAudi section and will re-launch our owner area in the future. In the meantime the enhanced Audi web sites still provide the essential Audi information you desire, with fast and easy access for signing up for the latest product and Audi news. And we’ve made the navigation even more intuitive for your convenience. You need not re-register for any current eNewsletters that you receive from Audi.

Test drive our new and web sites soon. We are sure that it will provide you with the definitive e-experience.

We thank you for your interest in Audi.

I love the new site jam-packed full of information and enjoyed watching the video on the A8, of course! They say you have to visualize your dream!