DBPM does the Elantra

dbpm_elantra_02.jpgOne thing’s for sure at SEMA: there is no correlation between the cars that look like they’ll steal your lunch money and the ones that actually do. Case in point: one Hyundai Elantra done up by David Brensend that, in addition to a healthy slathering of gouge-your-eyes-yellow and beautifully rendered flames, gets a diabolical joker airbrushed onto its hood.

Aside from the… umm, striking paint job, the Elantra benefits (kinda) from an aggressive four-piece body kit that, in addition to the custom suspension, looks like it’ll scrape every speed bump between Circus Circus and the Luxor. The 18-inch Enkei NT03+M wheels, shod in Dunlop Direzza tires, lend a scarce amount of street-cred to the Accent, along with a custom dual exhaust. The only thing that’s changed from the base model inside is the addition of a set of Cobra Sidewinder seats, a harness bar, the Infinity Audio setup and Ichibahn pedals.


It’s shock and awe as only an Elantra can provide, which is a drawn out way of simply yawning.