David Filo on Yahoo! Green

Here’s some good news. Yahoo’s new green properties (Yahoo Green and Be a Better Planet) have launched and are already sucking in the users.

As Yahoo is so fond of saying, they have access to around 500,000,000 unique visitors a month and, because of that, have a great deal of power. Which is why I’m so excited that EcoGeek is providing content to Yahoo Green. EcoGeek, with our premium, grade-A content is in high demand these days, but we figured that the folks at Yahoo! needed some good EcoGeeky updates.

Even cooler, we were able to talk with Yahoo! co-founder David Filo last week in preparation for the launch. Though Filo is a known green, he attributed Yahoo’s recent green interest mostly to employees, who are allowed to take off time from their regular duties to work on “Yahoo for Good” projects. Filo said the Green Team pretty much materialized on it’s own, and that they’ve been putting together projects like these for over a year now.

But obviously, these new projects, with full support of Yahoo! and 10 hybrid taxis donated to New York City, are the biggest yet. Though Filo doesn’t take any credit personally, he did say that he views environmental education as one of Yahoo’s responsibilities.

“We’re in a unique position and we take that responsibility seriously.”