MINI pops Clubman teaser on the web

We’ve known for far too long that the MINI Clubman is on its way, but it’s still nice to get some confirmation from the automaker’s main information outlet that the elongated hatch is on the horizon.

Granted, the teaser page that MINI put up doesn’t reveal any more information than we’re already aware of, but in true-to-MINI fashion, it provides a quirky (dare we even say satisfying?) way of revealing the profile of the new Clubman.

Check it out – if nothing else, it’ll appeal to your inner-six-year old.

[Source: MINI USA]

Chinese carmakers now doing mashups! Meet the Lexiac RX Torrent

Over in Shanghai this week, all the local producers are bringing out their latest wares. By now we’ve gotten used to seeing Chinese cars that bear remarkable resemblances to products from non-Chinese manufacturers with slight tweaks to (barely) distinguish them. Our crosstown neighbor, Chris Paukert, spotted this vehicle called the Huanghai Fast NCV with a front end that will be familiar to many Pontiac shoppers. Continue reading Chinese carmakers now doing mashups! Meet the Lexiac RX Torrent

Fiat 500 gets 911 reskin

Most Porschephiles who were waiting on a baby 911 were fairly happy with the Cayman, but one Greek motorist had in mind something considerably smaller (even smaller than an actual Porsche), and, failing to find anything on the market that tickled his fancy, set out to create one for himself.

The result is what you see here, a classic Fiat 500, completely re-styled and re-skinned to emulate a 996-generation Porsche 911 Turbo. The idea almost seems a little less than ridiculous when you realize that, like the 911, the original Cinquecento was rear-engined. Then you look at it again and begin to laugh. We have to admit, though, that the Smorsche (as it’s been labeled) is a unique creation, and well executed. But don’t take our word for it, take a look for yourself at the photos in the gallery below.

[Auto Motor]

Porsche Carrera GT promo

Most commercials we see on television pitch products like soft drinks and toilet paper – you know, the kind of things that most people buy and most people can afford. There’s certainly no shortage of car commercials, either, but they likewise typically focus on mass-market automobiles like the Volkswagen Rabbit or Dodge Caliber. But a commercial for a million-dollar supercar? Continue reading Porsche Carrera GT promo

America’s Game, America’s Truck: Rawlings baseball trim for Chevy trucks

Remember when Audi rolled out the baseball leather interior on the original TT convertible? That was nothing. For the real baseball fans, aftermarket trim specialists Katzkin Leather and sports equipment outfitter Rawlings have teamed up to offer a full, authentic baseball trim package for full-sized Chevy trucks. Continue reading America’s Game, America’s Truck: Rawlings baseball trim for Chevy trucks