Cutting Cooling Costs With…get this…Cold Air

Have you ever thought about how ridiculous it is that we use massive amounts of electricity to cool food in the winter. If it’s colder in your back yard than it is in your refrigerator, then why are you spending money on cooling?

Restaurants, supermarkets and institutions have large scale refrigerators that represent a huge energy demand. During the winter, this energy is pretty much wasted, as ice cold air is usually just a few meters away. So why not couple traditional mechanical heating with natural sources of cool air?

The Freeaire system does exactly that. Not only does it provide increased control for the cooling equipment and systems, it uses
cold outdoor air to refrigerate rather than running the mechanical system. Cost comparison curves show that payback on the
system can be in less than 2 years for large systems.

It’s not for home use…yet. But  Wal-Mart could cut it’s cooling bills in half in northern climates. Server farms could similarly benefit from this kind of natural cooling. My money’s on Canada for Google’s next big facility. Restaurants, box-stores and server farms are all places that could, should and will be implementing this technology…and soon.

via: The
Sietch Blog