Cool Lamp…Not So Cool Price

About a month ago, I went searching for an energy efficient desk lamp, but came away a little disappointed. Although I ended up settling for a halogen lamp, the LED-powered Z-Bar would have been a beautiful alternative. Winner of the 2006 I.D. Annual Design Review "Best of Category" award, the Z-Bar uses 66 LEDs, producing 112 lumens with only 9.6 watts. The lamp makes up for a lack of bright light by concentrating the light from the LEDs in a 50 degree view angle, rather than 360 degrees like typical incandescents.

At a cost of $129, the lamp is really targeted for those into cool design, but cheap copycats are bound to come out sooner or later right? If you want one, head over to Koncept where they have a mini and floor lamp versions also for sale.