Bargains to be Found at the 2007 NY Auto Show

Oh, we’re keepin’ it short ‘n’ Scandinavian this year, folks. Just two cars. Both from Sweden. What are they? What could they be?

Saab 9-3 2.0T Sport Sedan
60th Anniversary Edition
We’ve crapped on Saab a lot, but we’ll tell you what: this is a good deal. In fact, here’s an idea of how good a deal it is. We found the sticker from our 1998 Saab 900s (which we bought used). Sticker? $30,000. No leather, no CD changer, no power seats. Now, in fairness, it does have a sunroof and automatic transmission, but it’s nearly 10 years later!

This Saab 9-3 is sleeker, faster and now, finally, the interior is better. What’s that? This isn’t a Saab in as much as it’s not a hatch? Yeah, we agree that it’s hard to overlook the unSaabiness of this Saab. If it’s that big a deal to you, get the SportCombi for about $1,200 more (sticker: $30,065) and we can put that all to rest.

Anyway, if you want a sweet ride at a sweet price, it would be a mistake to not take a look at this Saab.
Volvo C30
If you really, really miss the Saab of yore, check out this beast. Affordable, quick, stylish. And full of Volvoy goodness.

If we were just starting out in life (rather than on this ever quickening downward slide), we’d totally grab this car. Coupe, hatch, hot. There is nothing we don’t like about this car. In fact, our only fear is who is going to buy it. We’re really hoping that young investment banker shitheads bypass Volvo dealerships and head right for BMW without even giving Volvo a thought. Because that’s a great way to ruin a potentially great car.

By the way, we’re aware the car isn’t for sale yet, but it’s that good of a deal!