Autodelta Alfa Brera

32c_10.jpgThe Alfa Romeo Brera is quite possibly the most beautiful car on the market, but reviews have lamented the lack of “go” to accompany the “show”. Alfa tuners extraordinaire Autodelta have answered the call with the Autodelta Brera J5 3.2 C.

The first Autodelta based on the new generation of Alfas (Brera, Spider, 159), the J5 3.2 C ups the performance ante with modifications to the engine, suspension, exhaust system, upgraded wheels and tires, and improved aerodynamics through revised bumpers front and rear. The “C” designation stands for “Compressore”: the supercharger is supplied by Rotrex (who also make the unit for the Koenigsegg CCX). The unique supercharged direct-injection 3.2-liter V6 produces 348 hp (an 88-hp boost over stock), driving through all fours to propel this beauty to sixty in a scant 5.3 seconds.

With Alfa Romeo poised to mount its new attack on the American market, we hope Autodelta makes the trip too.[Autodelta via Italiaspeed]