Audi Music Interface takes iPod integration to a new level

fourtitude_ipod.jpgThe Audi super-forum, Fourtitude, recently had a chance to sample the automaker’s newest attempt at iPod integration in an S8, while joined by Audi of America’s Product Planning Manager Filip Brabec. The new system, dubbed the Audi Music Interface (AMI), builds on the MMI system in the A3, A4, S4 and RS 4 models. Although the system appears to be one of the best at getting full functionality out of Apple’s iPod, other brands of MP3 players should work just as seemlessly with the use of seperate cables. A second media slot is located next to the CD changer on the A6, S6, A8 and S8, providing a slide out drawer to hold your iPod. The AMI will be available as a factory-equipped option beginning in November and a retrofit of the system will be available in the vehicles listed above in early 2007.


The new system is expected to cost an additional $300 when ordered on a new car and Filip wasn’t able to confirm pricing on retrofit kits at present. Additionally, the USB 2.0 cable that will allow other MP3 adaptability will arrive later on and will be combined with a software update that will bring the new system up to speed. Although equipping vehicles with video playback represents some safety and legal challenges, it’s possible that future generations of the MMI will allow this functionality as well. Click the read link for more details and photos of the AMI in action. [Fourtitude]