Atlanta’s Solar / Wind Powered Aquarius Tower

OK, I know where I want to live. I’ve been thinking about Georgia for a while, but I dread the labyrinthine freeway system of Atlanta. But the new Aquarius Tower in downtown Atlanta offers more than any other American building I’ve seen yet.

Yes, it’s wired for high-speed internet and surround sound. Yes, it has a robotic car parking system that decreases driving time. Yes all 113 units have south-facing windows overlooking Centennial Park. But the building also has integrated wind turbines and solar panels decreasing the amount of power residents pull from the grid.

The wind turbines are specially integrating into the building. In fact, the building acts as kind of a wind-collector, that channels and concentrates winds into the turbines.

Of course, the one bedroom units are $300,000, and the penthouses top out at $2.5 million. But it’s safe to say that it’s a good investment. If all goes well, we can all start moving in at the end of 2009.

Via MetaEfficient and Go Dekalb