Tokyo 2007 Preview: Subaru G4e concept

Subaru may finally be making a play for all the Greenies that traded in their dilapidated Legacy wagons for a Prius with the G4e EV concept, set to be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. The styling is an odd amalgamation of current Subaru design cues partnered with a Tron-meets-Pichatchu exterior.

The wedgified body and short overhangs will do wonders for interior room and flexibility, and with the installation of next-generation, lightweight lithium-ion batteries stowed underneath the floor, Subaru expects that the G4e will be able to motor along for 200 km before plugging in.


G4e Concept (Concept car)
The G4e Concept is a futuristic environment-friendly concept electric vehicle (EV).
· The traditional perception of electric vehicles’ being “heavy” and “cramped” is reversed by realizing
packaging which accommodates five passengers, with batteries stored underneath the floor.
· An image of heading toward the future is expressed by the triangle-shaped body.
· Thanks to the adoption of high-performance next-generation lithium-ion batteries and lightened body
weight, FHI expects this EV to be able to travel 200 kilometers per charge.

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